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I've known Jim Anderson of Silicon Valley Bank (Jim's bio) for many years and have always enjoyed his unique thoughts on the state of Silicon Valley, and the world in general. Whether you agree or disagree with Jim's analysis, he always makes us think about issues from varying perspectives. And if there's one thing I've learned from Silicon Valley over the decades, it's that we can never look at a situation, an industry or an economy in the same way, day after day or year after year. Jim agreed to write some articles for Ravix Group and I'm hopeful you'll find these articles relevant (and entertaining) in ever-changing times

- Daniel R. Saccani
Ravix Group, Inc
CEO, Managing Partner
How Green a Deal?
When I was a leftist radical some decades ago in Berkeley, I joined in many late-night to early- morning discussions
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I see…. Oh!
You go away for a few years to work in Africa and when you get back the U.S. capital markets
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Between the Bubble and the Bitcoin Bitters
I recently read this item in the Wall Street Journal, “Nvidia misjudged how quickly prices for the graphics cards that
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Hindsight is Great Stuff
That’s what my Dad always told me. It came out whenever I was recounting something that went badly and wishing
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