The World according to Z

At the recent F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg jokes that; “We don’t exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy.” No one laughed. Clearly, his developer audience took user demands for privacy protection more seriously than Mr. Z. Other than the desperate need of a new speechwriter, what is going wrong with Facebook? In March, Zuckerberg published,“The World according to Z”

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The Internet and the Long Tails of Political Discourse

Below is a graph of a standard normal frequency distribution. It was created with a random number generator but these types of distributions are also very common in nature. For example, if you count the kernels on the cobs from the 30,000 corn plants in an acre, that data will track a normal distribution. The“The Internet and the Long Tails of Political Discourse”

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Between the Bubble and the Bitcoin Bitters

I recently read this item in the Wall Street Journal, “Nvidia misjudged how quickly prices for the graphics cards that those chips go into would normalize now that crypto currency mining isn’t as hot.” That seemed odd. In July 2007, I read about an obscure German bank in Düsseldorf, IKB Deutsche Industriebank. The bank was“Between the Bubble and the Bitcoin Bitters”

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