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We produce two surveys a year which could benefit your company!
  • How does your company compare to other Silicon Valley averages?
  • Did you ever want to know how your company equity ranges compare?
  • Not sure, then you should request our Financial or Employee Compensation & Ownership Surveys!
See how Ravix’s financial and salary surveys can benefit your company!
  • How do your company’s salaries compare?
    Get the inside scoop on Silicon Valley averages!
  • Are you spending more or less on Admin, Sales, Development, (etc.)?
    Find out how your company stacks up!

Call or email now to get your copy of the RAVIX Financial or Employee Compensation & Ownership Surveys! Reports are normally $2,500. Please complete the information to the right to see if you qualify for a free report, or, if you would like to participate in next years survey.

Brad Peppard
Partner & Principal
Ravix Group Inc.

Ravix Group has been helping early stage companies, companies in transition (going public or M&A), and companies in wind-down for over fifteen years. We provide extremely senior Financial & HR professionals on a part-time or short term basis. Please check out our website and give us a call!

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